Mutah University was established in 1986 in the southern part of Jordan. It has 13 faculties including 44 academic departments with more than 700 faculty members. The number of graduate and undergraduate students currently enrolled at the university exceeds 24,000 students; were 20% of those students come from more than 50 countries. In 2011, Mutah University has begun to make its mark in the QS World reputation. MU has several scientific and research centers that are actively engaded in cutting-edge research and academic issues. One of the most active centers, among MU’s scientific and research centers, is Prince Faisal Center for Dead Sea, Environmental and Energy Research (PFC-DSEER). Mutah University has been involved in many activities related to renewable energy activities on national and international levels. Beside the research activities in different aspects on renewable energy systems; solar thermal including CSP technology, PV, wind energy and bio-energy, Mutah University enrolled in several international activities. 
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